ChillMED Elite And Premier Bags

Chill Med Elite: The public has spoken and we listened. This bag will supply up to 14 hours cooling time, all while staying fairly compact. Complete with a ¬†cooling side for your medication and non-cooling side for all of your supplies. Great for everyday use or flight halfway across the world. The Chill Med Elite is still skinny enough at 3 inches when full to easily fit in your carryon luggage. The exterior of this bag is built with a high thread count offering more protection to your medications. This is one of the most insulated bags on the market, ¬†offering more protection and extra hours of cold time. There are many extra pockets that are high quality mesh so you can see what’s in each pocket. Each Chillmed Elite bag will accommodate up to 5 vials and 4 pre-filled syringes or just 4 insulin pens and 5 vial replacements for your pens. The outside mesh pocket will accommodate the duo or individual Frio cooling wallets.